Monday 22 January 2018

Best wedding shots 2017 | byGarazi | UK Wedding Photographer


I took many many wedding photos in 2017 but these are some of my favourites. Why, you ask? Just because!

And if you get through all the images, there is one special little surprise at the end...

Because this beaut was the first photo of the day!

Because this quartz crown was something else!

Because this bride did her own make-up and looked incredible!

Because she also made her own bouquets!

Because this dress from Houghton was just minimalist chic impersonated (and the Town Hall Hotel made the perfect canvas for it)!

Because these Valentino shoes are ace!

Because bridesmaids in Coral just shine!

Because the bride wanted me to include the barman in the photo!

Because it's not a London wedding if there is no black cab!

Because look at their excitement!

Because the light was perfect on them!

Because dapper grooms rock!

 Because outdoor ceremonies are lovely!

Because the O2 makes the best backdrop!

Because how cute are they?

Because this bridesmaid and her husband (also a previous bride and groom) sung (in french) for the newlyweds!

Because emotions!

Because YAY we got married!

Because they made sure the guests were colourful!

Because industrial weddings are my favourite!


Because intimate moments are the best!

Because getting excited about confetti should be the norm!


Because we were on a boat!

Because look at the styling and the amazing tropical flowers!


Because R is his initial!

Because they look like the lord and lady of the manor (lighthouse)!

Because the cake had the best view!

Because CHEERS!

Because he got into some skates and jumped a rope!

Because she looks so peaceful!

Because this groom played violin for his bride!

Because this uncle got on-stage and belted out a couple Italian classics!

Because a good door always makes a good backdrop!

Because couples being cute is one of my favourite things!

 Because this bride made her bridesmaids' dresses!

Because the wind wanted to help out!

Because these grooms wanted a painted nail on their big day!


Because this family saw the library and decided comedy portraits was the only way to go!

 Because green walls have the best texture!

Because the last photo of the day is always awesome!


Because this olive and lavender crown is just precious!

Because I caught the baker putting the final touches on the cake!

Because this artichoke table number just makes me smile!

Because the colour combo at this ceremony is special!

Because countryside couple images just look cute!

Because that tattoo piqued my interest!

Because they tried to do a jumping shot... and succeeded!

Because that pin (in memory of his wife) made me shed a tear!

Because we like to rock the dancefloor!

Because life just goes on around you!

Because this dress was the butteriest thing ever!


Because gatecrashing singers and drag queens only make the day better!

Because that's where they (legally) got married a couple days earlier!

Because these two are cool cats!

Because this couple DJ'd at their own party!

Because fans make dresses better!

Because shoes and jewellery can have their own photo shoots!


 Because expressive brides make me smile!


Because these two look so cool!

Because the sunset light was just perfect!

Because this guy has a lot of friends!

And one extra shot at the end... Because I got married in 2017 and I couldn't be happier!!

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