Monday 23 October 2017

Birmingham City Centre engagement shoot | byGarazi | Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Wedding season is pretty much over, but that means I'm shooting a lot of engagement images at the moment! Autumn is a lovely time to photograph couples; the crisp fresh air and natures rich tones lend a helping hand.

These following images were taken on a grey rainy day in Birmingham city centre and they include some fun urban and industrial scapes plus my favourite: green walls (or living walls)! All topped up with a big dose of soppy love!

We started at Library of Birmingham. We then walked under the old Paradise Forum to Victoria Square and walked the back streets till we got to Colmore Row (check out all the cute shots in front of Gusto and 200ยบ Coffee - yay for all their fancy lighting!). We then headed to Snow Hill (I've been eyeing up that green living wall for quite some time!) and the tram tracks... Who said a grey empty Sunday city shoot can't be exciting?

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