Tuesday 19 April 2016

Being a wedding photographer and loving it - a confession from a non-weddingy person

I confess: I am not that big wedding-obsessed typical girly girl.

As a younger child, I didn't dream about the perfect wedding, the perfect dress or the perfect Mr Right. The most wedding-loving thing I did was to make my mother promise that she'd make my wedding dress (if I ever got married!) out of the old curtains that were left in the house we'd just moved to. Old moth-eaten curtains, very romantic!

I did, on the other hand, keep designing dresses for all my friends to wear. I'm sure there are sketches piled up in my old bedroom somewhere... And I also remember stopping in front of the Pronovias shop in my town every week to look at 'other peoples dresses'.

The idea of wearing a white (or not white!) wedding dress fills me with dread. Engagement rings are too dainty for me (I've been engaged for over two years, and I have my nan's engagement ring, but I haven't worn it once). And I'd rather throw a fancy dress party than a reception party.

But... I LOVE photographing weddings. When a new couple come to me looking for a photographer, I love them explaining all the details of their big day. I get super excited when I see a bride's wedding dress or bouquet. I can't but smile when I see the groom, because I know how stunning his bride looks and I can't wait for him to see her. At some point during the day I will shed a tear or two (so glad I have a camera covering my face and waterproof mascara every time!). I love learning more about the newlyweds in the speeches and by chatting to their friends and family. The biggest compliment I've ever had from a bride or guest is when they tell me I became part of the wedding (not just someone with a camera, but someone who was meant to be there in the first place). And I'll always leave a wedding smiling. Tired, but smiling. All this happiness happened and I get to document it. I really do have the best job!

And that's what's taken me a long time to realise. I love weddings, but only other peoples weddings!



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