Monday 23 March 2015

5 tips to make your wedding photography the best it can be | by garazi | birmingham wedding photographer

Booking your wedding photographer is a big step in your wedding prep. You are essentially trusting someone you've just met with all the memories of your big day. Make sure you do your research!

I've just put a few tips and pointers together to help you on that journey:

Hello! This is me, Garazi.

Photographers spend a fair amount of time with you on your wedding. I think it's very important to meet up before you decide on who will shoot your wedding (even a Skype call could do if the distance is too great). You need to feel comfortable with them!

I'd rather lose a booking than shoot a couple that is not 100% sure. Your photos will be better for it!

Photographers are not psychics (I'm not, at least!). If you want something specific (or there's something that you really don't like), please let us know!

Anything from style to specific people/details/moments you want photographed. A list of formal shots is always helpful. A Pinterest board or a moodboard of things you like can be invaluable. Do you prefer colour, black & white or a bit of both?

We're in the UK. Weather is unpredictable at the best of times. If it's going to rain or snow, it will. And even when you're abroad, weather is completely out of your control. I've had a bigger percentage of sunny weddings in autumn and winter than I have in summer!

Your wedding day is all about you, so don't let a little bit of water ruin it!

That said, your photographer needs light to do their job. And they can advise you on a plan to make your images as good as possible. Midday sunshine is extremely unflattering, sunsets are stunning. In the middle of winter, the sun disappears before 4pm. Even on the rainiest of days, there might be a gap in the clouds. Work all of that to your advantage.

I admit to gluttony on the best of days, but this tip is just common sense. Your wedding photographer will be on their feet (running around and carrying a load of equipment) for the whole day. You really don't want them collapsing from exhaustion in a corner!

Make sure to keep your photographer watered and fed and we'll make sure to outperform the Duracell bunny!

Most of my brides have one request regarding the images on their wedding day. They want me to capture everyone having fun, smiling, laughing... They point at the brides belly-laughing and say "I want THAT!".

For that to happen, you need to relax and enjoy your wedding day! Smile, and don't worry. You've been preparing your big day for a very long time, so take it all in and ENJOY! Although there are times when details go wrong or little things are forgotten (and if you are wearing a very long dress and heels, it's pretty normal to rip a hole in the lining or get it muddy, don't fret!), it's your special day!

Have a beautiful day,

Garazi xx
by garazi | birmingham wedding photographer

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