Monday 25 June 2012


Q. Do you know any make-up artists/hair stylists/designers/cake makers/tailors/etc?
A. Of course! There is a list of my favourite people HERE.

Q. Can you provide a second photographer?
A. I usually don't have a second photographer with me. You are paying for my expertise and eye, and that is what I want you to get!
That said, I do have a trusted team of photographers that can come on the day for an extra fee who can capture moments I can't, like the groom getting ready and more angles of the ceremony

Q. Do we really need a pre-wedding photoshoot?
A. YES! I definitely recommend you do. Not only it's a fun thing to do with your other half, but it helps you get comfortable in front of the camera so you'll be a pro on your wedding day! Plus you get some great pictures to keep and share with friends and family. How about using a shot on the cover of your signing in book for guests or a framed print with a large enough border for everyone to write on?

Q. How long will you spend at the wedding?
A. It varies from wedding to wedding, but I usually arrive while the bride is getting ready and leave some time after the first dance.

Q. We need a photographer for longer/less time. Can you cater for us?
A. Of course! I can tailor a package for you, depending on the needs.

Q. How long does it take to receive the images?
A. For a typical wedding, all images will be retouched and delivered on a DVD within a month (albums will take slightly longer depending on delivery!).

Q. When do we pay?
A. You will be required to pay part of the fee upfront as a non-refundable deposit to secure the date. The rest will be payable one week before the ceremony. Cash, cheques and bank transfers accepted.

Q. Why are your portrait sittings so long? Can we share the sitting with another family/couple/group of friends?
A. My portrait sittings usually last 2+ hours. I find that a lot of people aren't at their most comfortable in front of the camera, but we use that time to slowly get used to posing (and for children to open up!). Most times, the images you receive are from the latter part of the shoot, when everyone is relaxed, happy and looking their best. For this reason, you can't share your sitting with another group of people; I want every client to have the best images I can possibly offer.

You can ask any other questions here!

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