Wednesday 25 April 2012

Lizzy and David

David and Lizzy got married at Nailcote Hall Hotel on St Patrick's day.

I've known Lizzy for a while now. She's a stylist and we've worked together on a couple of shoots. She asked me to shoot her wedding at one of these shoots, and I couldn't wait for it! I knew the dress was going to be amazing (it was by american designer Justin Alexander and it definitely was breathtaking! Plus some incredibly towering Jimmy Choo shoes) and her influence also reached husband David (he had a second bespoke suit for the evening!).

Nailcote Hall Hotel was a beautiful location for the ceremony. We had a glass-roofed room for most of the day and the light there was just stunning (which helps to make the images even better!). The rain also managed to stay away for all the shots we did outdoors. Including wizzing around the golf course at the hotel in golf buggies to find the best spots for the couple shots.

I had a beautiful day! I met loads of lovely people, enjoyed the glorious atmosphere and felt so happy for Lizzy and David.

More guests arrived after the meal and a huge chocolate fountain was laid out, as well as a hog roast and dancing for everyone.

The images were published in Touchbase magazine. Make up of the bride, sister and mum was done by the lovely Becky Hunting and the hair by the incredible Suk Ram.

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